The BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach is a top excursion destination.

49 excursion destinations in Lower Austria are TOP excursion destinations! The BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach is one of them.


      EUR 7,00

Children from 6 to 14 years:

      EUR 4,50
Students, pensioners:      EUR  5,50
Family ticket (2 adults, 1 child): 
(additional child EUR 4,00)


     EUR 16,00

Group (10 persons and more):

      EUR  5,00/Person
School groups
(free entrance for 2 teachers):


     EUR  4,00/Person

Nursery school
(free entrance for 2 adults):

      EUR  1,00/Kind

With the Niederösterreich-CARD you get free admission for a BEARENWALD-Arbesbach visit per year.

Guided Tours

Individual Guided Tours

Booking a guided tour with an animal keeper  offers the possibility to get a lot of information about the bear care in BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach.

Our staff on site are ready to guide you. Please book at least 3 days in advance!

Phone: +432813 7604

During a guided tour it is easy to observe, that the bears enjoy their “new lives” and not getting  bored and frustrated in cages anymore. Mostly you will watch them foraging, playing in the water, being lazy after the meal and resting in the shade. 

Additional to the entrance fee a guided tour costs  € 22,--. 
A guided tour can be booked individually or for groups with a maximum size of 25 people. 
It lasts  between 1 hour and 1 ½  hours.

Dogs are welcome

You have to stay on a lead, but apart from that, we are also looking forward to seeing all the dog visitors at the BEARENWALD

Just before the dear four-legged companion starts the tour, water is served for him in the special dog drinks. Here is the right thirst extinguisher for every type: for sled dogs, for fear bunnies, for rustic ones, for those who want to stay bad ...