Brumca was born 1992 in an animal park in Slovakia. 

She was only a few weeks old, when separated from her mother and sold to business men, who gave her to an Austrian business man as a present.

As she grew bigger,  it became difficult to look after her. So she ended up in a cage  the size of 35 square meters, where she was bored and had no room to play.

Brown bears suffer when they are in deprived surroundings. For 5 years Brumca lived under these circumstances.
After the owner went bankrupt, Brumca was given to FOUR PAWS. Because the BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach had  not been built by then, FOUR PAWS employees enriched her life and gave her lot of  opportunities to play each day.

Since she was transferred to the BEAR SANCTUARY the shy and playful BRUMCA is enjoying her freedom in the SANCTUARY.